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AI To Human Text Converter

AI to human text converter is a solution for all your problems that are coined with AI-generated text. You can’t use AI text as your own because it is detectable and it is a form of plagiarism. So, the simplest solution is to humanize AI text i.e. make AI text human written.

Convert AI Content into human
100% humanize text

Our AI Humanizer

Our AI to human text converter quickly analyzes the text, replaces the words that have high AI probability with low probability words, and alters the sentence structure to make the text human-generated.

Our AI text converter is powered by advanced AI algorithms that allow it to identify the AI text and then convert it to humanized text.

How Does it Work?

Our tool performs various techniques to change AI to human text. These techniques are described below:

Textual Analysis

Our AI humanizer operates using NLP algorithms that allow it to analyze the text to identify its origin.

In this stage N-gram analysis, burstiness, and AI probability are identified.

Text Adjustment

In the next stage, the text is rewritten and altered based on the AI text analysis. The words with high AI probability are replaced with low probability words, the sentence structure is changed, and the human-like tone is adapted to humanize the text.

Text Digitization

In the last stage, the adjusted text is digitized and made available for the user.

AI to humanize converter

How to Use it?

Take just three simple steps to use AI to the human converter. 

Enter the text in the dialogue box. 

Click on Humanize text and the text will be humanized in a few seconds. 

Copy and use wherever you like without worrying about AI origin.

How Accurate is Our AI to Human Text Converter?

Our text humanizer offers accurate results thanks to its high-end development. It makes the text human like by making it simpler and easy to understand. Even though it completely alters the text form the meaning is not altered and 100% meaning is retained. 

The text humanized by our AI humanizer can easily bypass GPTZero, Copyleaks, Crossplag.com, Contentatscale.com, Writer.com, and many more such software.

What are its Features?

Our AI-to-human converter offers various features which are listed below:

100% Free AI Humanizer

Simple Interface

One-Click Text Humanization

Fast and Accurate Results

Automatic AI to Human Text Conversion

24/7 Availability

Worldwide Accessibility

Who Can Use It?

Anyone who wants to use AI content as their own can use it but it is specially useful for the following users:


Students can use it to make AI content human and easily use AI to write their assignments, essays, and papers. 


Writers can use it to make AI text human and enjoy AI written content without worrying about AI plagiarism.


Bloggers can use it to make their written content human.


Publishers can use it to humanize the AI content before publishing it. 

What are Some Pros and Cons?


Removes AI plagiarism

Bypass AI content detectors

Lightning speed (few seconds)

24/7 worldwide availability

AI humanizer free


Requires active internet access

May rewrite text in a conversational tone

What People Say about us

Sarah Leonard

Content Strategist

AI to Human Text Converter is a fantastic tool. It makes AI-generated text sound natural and human-like. It’s been really helpful for my content creation, saving me a lot of time. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to improve their AI Text.


James mathew

Marketing Manager

I use AI To Human Converter for my business, and it’s been great. The tool easily transforms AI text into something that reads smoothly and naturally. It’s user-friendly, and the results are always good. This has really improved the quality of our content.


Emily Rich

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, I need my work to sound natural. AI Text Converter helps me turn AI drafts into clear and readable text that connects with readers. It’s easy to use and making my writing process much smoother. I definitely recommend it.